Ivan Filkov

Senior manager, Valuation and financial modeling

Ivan total experience in the field of valuation activity is more than 9 years. Ivan professional experience includes the valuation of business and fixed assets in accordance with Russian legislation and IFRS.

In FCG, Ivan focuses on developing the practice Of «valuation of movable property». Ivan work experience includes the implementation of projects in industries such as telecommunications, construction, food production, electricity, mining. The following companies were among the clients: Megafon, Rostelecom, PIK, KDV Group, IDGC, SGK, Rosatom, Rosneft, SUEK.

Ivan has the qualification of an engineer in the specialty «Expertise and Property Management» of Moscow State University of Civil Engineering, as well as a diploma in the professional retraining program «Valuation of enterprises (business)».

Ivan is a member of the MSO Association and has a qualification certificate in the field of «valuation of movable property».