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Valuation and financial modeling

What is the value of a company’s assets? What are its financial and operating opportunities?

If you plan to take a bank loan secured by the company’s assets, attract investors, sell your share in business, you will need to assess the market, investment or other value of the business. We will assess the entire business or its separate assets, prepare a financial model and valuation report.

If you plan to start a new business, we will carry out market research, prepare a business plan and an investment memorandum.
Our company has successfully carried out a large number of projects, in the scale of USD10 thousand – USD10 bln.
Our customers are large Russian and international companies, such as: SUEK, Uralkaliy, RUSAL, Solway, Sumimoto, Megafon, ALROSA, Fosagro, Gasprombank and Unicredit.

FCG is accredited as a valuation company by more than 100 Russian banks and state companies, including Sberbank, Sviaz-Bank, Rosbank, NOTA-Bank, Rosatom, Rusnano and Postelecom.

Valuation and financial modelling

  • Valuation of assets for M&A deals;
  • Business valuation for management purposes;
  • Valuation for the purpose of pledge;
  • Valuation of assets for financial reporting (RAS and IFRS)
  • Valuation for purchase price allocation in accordance with IFRS 3
  • Valuation of intellectual property
  • Valuation of ZPIF (share investment fund) in accordance with Federal Law № 156
  • Independent expertise
  • Financial modeling
  • Business planning

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Valuation and financial modeling

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Valuation and financial modelling department

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Valuation and financial modeling department

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Valuation and financial modeling department

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Valuation and financial modeling