Natalia Systerova

Senior manager, valuation and financial modeling department
Natalia joined FCG in 2013.
At FCG, she leads Real Estate Valuation department. During her time at FCG Natalia took part in more than 100 commercial real estate valuation projects within which the assets of such companies as PJSC Rostelecom, PJSC Sberbank, CJSC Nadezhda, JSC IDGC, subsidiaries of Rosatom, management companies of ZPIF real estate, etc. were evaluated throughout the Russian Federation.
In the course of work, business processes related to assets valuation were established with such credit institutions and banks as Delta Credit, DOM.RF, Sberbank, BinBank, etc.
Natalia has higher professional education in the field of “Property Valuation”, as well as a diploma in “Projects administration and development of competencies of the project manager”.
Natalia is a member of the MSO Association and has a qualification certificate in the valuation area in the field of “Real Estate Valuation”.